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20 February 2009 @ 07:23 pm
[discussion] episode 01  

Challenge: It seems like the designers are each given a suitcase full of clothes and have to create a modern design with what they're given.

The designers all brought one suitcase to their outdoor party and then are told their first challenge will be to choose one of the other designers suitcases and they will make their outfits from those. They are told they can choose two things from the suitcase and an additional item from their own suitcases in the aid of styling.
They're goal is to create an outfit that shows their skills and design styles.






The elimination was spot on. Han Hee just seemed to crafty like and not really modern like the others. Personally I liked Jae Min's dress and wondered why the judges didn't like it. But even going thought the pictures I was overall impressed at all the designers so it should be a good season.

Even without knowing the language it's easy enough to understand what is going on since they basically follow the original format down to the champagne and challenge part. I'm hoping someone will be nice enough to sub it.